Scott Stokely has been teaching adaptive sports methods of Disc Golf since 1993. He is an advocate for Disc Golf being a powerful tool to help individuals with special needs find more happiness and joy in their lives. Scott has hosted hundreds of events to share the sport with the Special Needs community for FREE.

Blue Power Disc Golf does not accept donations. Please contact your local agencies directly to best serve the community.

Why Blue Power Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a parallel sport which means players compete side-by-side with other players rather than competing directly against the other players. This is what makes Disc Golf the ideal adaptive sport since each participant can play at their own level with a group. Families or Special needs players can enjoy the game together and in turn find more joy and happiness in their lives. Blue Power Disc Golf is not just about introducing a new skill for individuals with special needs. Medical bills, adaptive equipment, additional caretakers, time off work, and etc can create an especially difficult financial burden for families in the Special Needs Community. Disc Golf is a low cost hobby and Blue Power seeks to reduce or remove entry barriers to enjoying the sport. Last, isolation is a common condition due to the unpredictable nature of symptoms and emotional state for affected individuals. Blue Power Disc Golf creates a welcoming environment for children and adults with special needs, their families, friends and other support people to spend time together outdoors and connect to the amazing Disc Golf Family.

Watch more on the Scott Stokely YouTube Channel's Blue Power Playlist.

News & Updates

Emporia Gazette - Disc Golf for All: DDO players teach their sport to Hetlinger participants. Posted April 28, 2021

As the Dynamic Discs Open continues across the city of Emporia this week, a small group of volunteers spent time including an often forgotten part of the community in the disc golf celebration Tuesday morning.

Scott Stokely — a 17-time world champion professional disc golfer and disc golf coach — and a few others who were in town for the event taught around 25 Hetlinger Developmental Services participants adaptive disc golf.

Read full article: http://www.emporiagazette.com/gaz/article_3d27af3c-a77a-11eb-83ec-675ec942169b.html

Corona Virus Update. Posted March 25, 2020
Blue Power Disc Golf is suspending IN-PERSON Special Needs Clinics at this time. Please continue to support your local Special Needs Organizations. The state of the Global Pandemic takes additional tolls on these individuals, their families and community care facilities. We look forward to resuming Adaptive Disc Golf Clinics once we can safely do so.
Santa Fe New Mexican - Disc golfer takes flyer on expanding sport’s reach. Posted October 16, 2018

Scott Stokely saw something missing from his clinics, and he set about fixing it. When Stokely, a 37-year competitor in disc golf (also known as Frisbee golf), began holding professional teaching clinics, he noticed that an important segment of his potential target audience was missing. “I would spend an hour talking to these professionals,” Stokeley said. “The problem was that it was excluding anybody who had autism or Down’s syndrome or who was a paraplegic or deaf or blind. It excluded a bunch of people.”

Read the full article https://www.santafenewmexican.com/sports/disc-golfer-takes-flyer-on-expanding-sport-s-reach/article_fe658419-d8e5-58ed-b8ec-975a6f0306c6.html

KMVT - Locals With Special Needs Try Disc Golf. Posted July 1, 2018

A retired professional disc golfer is giving back his time, teaching the sport he loves to those with special needs.

"The goal is to introduce the best hobby in the world to not just special needs, to their families, so they can come out and enjoy, it's a free game to play. More importantly it's something the whole family can do together," Scott Stokely, a retired professional disc golfer explained.

Screen preview of article posted at KMVT

Read full article: https://www.kmvt.com/content/news/Locals-with-special-needs-try-their-hand-at-disc-golf-487060391.html?fbclid=IwAR3TDmCBLLjShmyT8RoZdC4s_OOVKrXjIh2Cajl3wKvMfhdS6mFcWYV29GU

KTEK - Professional disc golfer promoting ‘Blue Power’ campaign in East Texas. Posted June 28, 2016

Disc golf has been called the fastest growing sport in the world as courses are springing up everywhere. Tuesday afternoon, a professional disc golfer made his way to East Texas, but not just to show off his throwing skills.

Scott Stokely, a Colorado native, made a stop in Longview as part of his “Blue Power” campaign.

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Times Record News - Champion disc golfer wants to reach families with needs. Posted June 28, 2016

Scott Stokely, who will visit Wichita Falls Wednesday, is still a name in disc golf, having set the world record for distance throws in the 1990s. He was ahead of his time when he toured the country and competed with long-arching shots he could deliver both backhand and forehand (sidearm). Stokely could launch discs forever either way.

Read the full article: http://archive.timesrecordnews.com/columnists/newberry-champion-disc-golfer-wants-to-reach-families-with-needs-365aef2a-eb74-41b9-e053-0100007f14e-384726581.html/

All Things Disc Golf - Scott Stokely brings Blue Power autism awareness to Disc Golf Pro Tour. Posted January 6, 2016

For Scott Stokely, disc golf is more than just tournaments around the country. It is a chance to make a difference. Stokely, along with help from friends and family, has started the Blue Power autism awareness campaign. He’s taking time away from the tournament to invite participants into a conversation about autism and other disorders we all come across in our daily lives.

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