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This is your ticket to become a Complete Disc Golfer! These virtual group sessions meet on interactive video calls, have access to a private group chat where you will get lots of dedicated access to Stokely Method Trainers to share progress, ask questions, submit form evaluations and much more for only $299.95 (Payment plans available), a $1200 value.

Enroll now to join the monthly LIVE video classes with Scott Stokely which are held at 6 PM Eastern on the LAST 2 Tuesdays of each month.

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Becoming a Complete Disc Golfer starts where you are and elevates your game to Champion grade. You will learn all the skills to attack any course with a full arsenal of throws, solid mental game and strategy. If you already compete or plan to in the future, you will be ready to take on league play and tournaments with confidence.
You will learn the mechanics necessary for a power backhand with an emphasis on generating snap, hitting lines and keeping the disc flat. Also, how to modify your backhand to change speed for finesse drives and approach shots and techniques to modify angles for all shots.
Putting is isn’t easy… but it is easier than you think. Whether you are a push putter, a spin putter, or a spush putter, if you follow the basic rules of the Stokely Method your putts will go in. If you don’t follow the rules, putting is like swimming upstream.
You have to be able to throw your disc with both spins or else you are literally throwing a more difficult shot on 50% of your throws. Sidearm is only difficult because it is so often taught incorrectly. You will have a sidearm and complete the course with the end goal being a 50/50 thrower.
Once you have the mechanics down, you still face decisions on every single throw. Making the best selection of your disc, route and overall strategy will affect your score as much as your mechanics will.
Tomahawks, Thumbers, Grenades, Rollers, Scoobers are NOT trick shots. There are every bit as much a part of disc golf as backhands and sidearms, they are just thrown less frequently. To be a complete disc golfer, you must have all the throws in order to throw the easiest shots every time.
Now you have all the shots, proper mechanics and you are able to make correct decisions. The only thing in your way is your best friend and your worst enemy… your brain. Once you conquer this final step you are a complete disc golfer ready for competition.
Enroll now to join the monthly LIVE video classes with Scott Stokely which are held at 6 PM Eastern on the LAST 2 Tuesdays of each month.

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Scott Stokely will livestream each monthly course module in the private group. You will get the most value if you watch and engage with the Live Events. The sessions will be recorded and can be replayed at your convenience until the next live session.
The full online course takes 6 months. Each month you will have specific skills that are introduced in the livestream video, drills to perform and access to the private group to share your progress and get feedback as you practice.
The Stokely Disc Golf Method is suitable for players of any experience or skill level. You will get more results faster if you are body aware and have any kind of athletic background. Willingness to learn and commit to the process will be most important no matter where you are starting from.
First off, Stokely Method Trainers and Coaches are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose or treat any injuries. We highly recommend you consult with your medical professionals before enrolling.

However, depending on your level of injury, you can still learn about the techniques and practice at "low power" until you are cleared to ramp up your strength. We have found that many participants hurt as a result of improper mechanics and learn that once they implement the Stokely Method they can throw pain free.

A modern laptop, phone or tablet device with a high-speed data connection will be required to complete the course work. You don't need a webcam to participate in the monthly video calls. You may submit form videos with a mobile phone camera and upload digital recordings directly to the private group.

You may also consider acquiring a net and tripod for filming your practice sessions.

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